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Growing up, my family devoured films. My oldest sister worked at a movie theater, so we’d catch a flick or two for free every Friday night. Saturday was Blockbuster night… My go-to picks: Predator, The Sandlot, and any Jim Carrey movie that was still on the shelf. I loved movies – but I wasn’t one of those kids who made movies starting at age 5 with the family camcorder. I never went to film school. I studied Jazz at Berklee's College of Music in Boston and later received my Business degree at Vanguard University. My passion for writing ultimately steered me onto a path that led to filmmaking – journal entries evolved into poetry, poetry to music, and music to screenwriting. 


I’m infatuated with the human process of transformation. Have you ever walked out of a movie theater feeling like you’ve gained some kind of superpower a character embodied? That from that moment forward you couldn’t help but see and experience the world differently. That you yourself, were now different? Those are the films I’m interested in making, that’s what I’m passionate about. To quote David Fincher: “I’m interested in films that scar. The thing about Jaws is the fact that I’ve never gone swimming in the ocean again.” 


The emotional scar tissue experience is what I’m all about. 


I like to think of film as a healing modality. A non-invasive space to bring segregated ideologies and systems together to have a dialogue. The goal is not to get everyone to agree. The goal is to get everyone to a place where they’re more interested in understanding than being right. A place where things that hold themselves as something different, resolve themselves into something new. When we humanize the person sitting across the table, it changes everything, it changes us. Using film as a bridge to have a conversation that might lead to healing.

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