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RedEye's Mission is to create social cohesion for two of the most isolated demographics…Up + In // Down + Out. 


They provide a 24/7 community
for Culture Creators, Influencers, and Leaders to empower their lives, support their dreams, and develop their talents.

While reaching out to help humanity and mentor those in need, they connect one cultural extreme with another and change the world along the way.

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*I am not the creator of the above content 

*I am not the creator of the above content 

Preemptive Love exists to end war.

As the first ones in and the last one's to leave, they're building the most diverse community of peacemakers on the planet. 

Going into conflict zones, getting as close to the frontlines as possible, they deliver food, water, and medicine to those who need it most, while the bombs are still falling.

Offering sustainable solutions, they invest in small, local organizations that know the people, places, and needs best. In doing this they leave behind institutions that are equipped to continue serving their communities.

"May your treasure be where your heart is also." As a monthly donor, you can always find a piece of my heart planted where they answer the call.

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MPTF is an incredible organization that supports our entertainment community in living and aging well, with dignity and purpose, and in helping each other in times of need.  As our industry is unique, they have a history of taking care of our own like no other industry in the world.


I've been "playing my part" with MPTF as a NEXTGEN Member, through community events/fundraising & as a DCS volunteer (Daily Call Sheet), a long term social connection program that partners with industry members who would benefit from ongoing, scheduled, friendly phone calls.

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Project Orphans, located in Uganda, African, is relentlessly committed to raising up a generation of advocates that believe injustice does not have breath in their community.


They envision a future where people aren’t just living to survive, but operating through the overflow of their transformative identity, giving way to compassion to help others

I've come alongside PO as their Creative Director in bringing their visions for video content to life.

*I am not the creator of the above content 

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